Pop and Rock Music

Michael Jackson
Pop music is the term that describes the music that came out of the last 1950s. Pop music influenced much of the early rock and roll albums that were published in this time. Pop Music began in the 1920s from blue and country. This format eventually led to the creation of rock and roll. Pop music is a term that covers a lot of bases. Various forms of music like reggae, rock and roll, country and rap. When you walk into a record or CD store, you will likely find rock and roll mixed in with pop music. Most critics will agree that rock is serious while pop music is more commercial and light.

The majority of pop music will focus o­n love and romance for their lyrics. Most pop songs will follow a standard verse chorus format and tend to be around two and half minutes to three minutes long. The pop musician will have commercial appeal. This means that the group or the individual will be young, probably in their early twenties to early thirties, and they will focus o­n single songs instead of a complete album. Their aim is to appeal to general demographics instead of sub-cultures. There are exceptions to this rule in the case of child stars. With pop music, there tends to be more emphasis o­n the recording aspect of a career instead their live performances.

During the 1980s, technology played an integral part of pop music. The development of synthesizers and digital instruments allowed new sounds to become a part of the musician’s repertoire. These new sounds led to New Wave songs becoming increasingly popular. These New Wave sounds could eventually be found in the pop songs of today and even in the rap genre. Some of the most influential pop singers were Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Madonna.